THE GERMAN KINDERGARTEN is a London-based bilingual pre-school based in three locations, Herne Hill, North Dulwich and coming soon to
London Fields, for 2—5 years olds.



At the German Kindergarten we believe that learning should be a natural part of life. We strive to create an environment where children enjoy themselves and learn in a playful way. We strongly believe in learning through play close to nature.

We help children to develop social skills and a sense of belonging to a group with respect for each other.

Our educational approach encourages children to become confident, relying on personal strengths. We aim to provide a nuturing environment giving each child the opportunity to become independent to develop into a confident person.

Our bilingual approach allows children
to be immersed in German language and culture. Come and see for yourself!

Our dedicated, enthusiastic team is at the heart of the Kindergarten. Come and visit! Please contact us for information.

Bettina Sebek is the director of The German Kindergarten. She could not find a bilingual nursery for her own three children so founded this one. She holds an MA in German Linguistics and is particularly interested in children's communication and language. Her aim is to create a rich bilingual environment for children to play and have fun.

Juliane Parthier is Manager in North Dulwich. She is a qualified teacher from Germany. Her approach is always very child-orientated, sensitive and appealing. She is imaginative and creative in bringing language alive and engaging children in speaking, listening and learning. She has a wealth of experience in language teaching and sound and deep understanding of children’s diverse needs.

Laura Angloher, deputy manager and room leader North Dulwich, is a Kindergarten Teacher from Bavaria. She has worked with children under three and also has experience with children of primary school age. Laura plays the guitar and enjoys singing. She believes that getting children started early in singing and making music is a great way to encourage creativity and improve social skills and communication

Anika Duenbostel has trained as a nursery school teacher in Germany. She worked in the German Kindergarten before. She has since completed her Montessori Training and worked in two English Montessori nurseries in London. Her area of interest is body and movement for early years. She believes strongly in project work with children and she is herself a compelling storyteller.

Patricia Sokoll has trained as a social worker in Switzerland and being a keen basketball player she worked in a social basketball youth project in Basel. She has also worked in the UK as a nanny. Patricia
is responsible for our art room activities and is interested in creative and open ended play.

Vanessa Werner is newly qualified early years teacher. She has worked previously in a family centre in Gutersloh. Vanessa is interested in drama for young children. Her strength is to engage children in role play and her compassion and friendliness make her a much thought after play partner.

Angela Schmid is our Kindergarten cook. Originally from Berlin she is passionate about food. She cooks delicious fresh food. The favourite pudding of all times is German waffles and raspberries. Lecker! Yum!

Lisa Seifner was educated in Germany as a Kindergarten teacher. She has worked in Cologne, Barcelona, and Manchester and now in London. She has experience with children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Lisa is an open minded person, enjoys travelling and meeting new people. (LISA CURRENTLY IS ON MATERNITY LEAVE)

Linda Hillmann is a nursery Teacher. Comes from Berlin, she studied Early Years Education MA. She enjoys working with bilingual children and helping them develop in a individual and playful way.

Lucy Abbott is a qualified early years practitioner. She grew up in Germany and has worked in various english nursery before joining the German Kindergarten. She is particulary interested in Speech and Language Development having grown up bilingual herself.

Nico Schober is with us for one year to finish his training as a nursery school practitioner. He comes from Essen has loves sports in particular football.

Priscilla Akyeampong joined the Kindergarten full time. She is a qualified nursery teacher. Originally from Ghana she grew up in Germany. Her interests are in creative arts and design and she enjoys dance with the children.

North Dulwich team

Semira Bleckmann is a trainee to become an early years teacher. She was an au pair with a family in London for a year. During this time she found that she would like to work with children and take up a career in teaching. She enjoys sports and movement and is particularly interested in 18th-19th century English literature.


Vivian Berndt is a state approved teacher for early years education. After working at The German Kindergarten as an intern she went back to Germany to finish her university degree in early childhood and family education, and eventually returned as a teacher to The German Kindergarten. She likes to use creative ways like drawing and dancing to support children in developing and refining their skills and expressing themselves.


Christoph Raiser is an apprentice from Essen in Germany. He will be working at our kindergarten for one year to finish his apprenticeship as a nursery school teacher. He adapts to the interests of our kindergarten children and likes to do sportive activities with them.



Our team

Herne Hill team

Our message is 'speaking German is fun'!

We promote bilingualism from early childhood. Before the age of seven is when two languages are most easily learned. When children first begin to speak a new language they will not be fluent and will communicate by intonation rather than words. They are greatly helped if they can talk with people who are completely fluent.

We strongly believe it particularly stimulates children in their intellectual development
to learn from more than one culture and
to hear and speak another language.
This also positively influences the children’s self-esteem.

The German Kindergarten staff are native German speakers. We emphasise storytelling and reading as a way to immerse the children in a German
speaking environment.

We also teach about German language
and culture by following German holidays and traditions.

Bilingual approach


'Our children are having a very enjoyable and enriching time with you, we are absolutely delighted with the way that things are going, and we really value all of your hard work and care.'



'I recommend The German Kindergarten to everyone. My daughter had such wonderful and happy time there. She especially liked spending so much time outside in the gardens and on trips out. We met some lovely friends and she was well prepared for primary school too.'



'Ich freue mich jedes mal, wenn ich Freddie vom Kindergarten abhole, wie glücklich er ist und wieviel Spaß er hatte. Zu Hause spricht er von fast nichts anderem als vom Kindergarten!'


'The German Kindergarten is something truly special; a warm and nurturing environment led by kind and enthusiastic staff, who really helped our daughter to explore, discover, learn, make and do! We really loved the focus on whatever-the-weather outdoor play, there were always exciting activities going on and we also loved the fact that she was hearing and beginning to understand spoken German.'


'He's happy, motivated and learning in two languages; what more could we want?'


'The German Kindergarten joyfully and unpretentiously represents cosmopolitan London. Robust outdoor play and excursions in any weather is balanced with cosy reading corners, arts and crafts and much singing! Sincere professionals accompanied our daughter along her discovery of herself and her social surroundings. If I could choose to be a child again, I would be certain to include the German Kindergarten in my daily routine.'


North Dulwich


North Dulwich opening hours

North Dulwich term dates

Monday—Friday 9am—3pm

Term time only

North Dulwich applications

The German Kindergarten is a very popular pre-school. The waiting list operates on a first come, first served basis. However siblings and children in care will have priority. If we offer a place to a child and the place is not accepted, the child can still stay on the waiting list. We can give you an indication of how long your child will have to wait for a place, but no guarantee. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Autumn term

Wednesday 6 September — Friday 20 October 2017

Half Term Monday 23 October — Friday 27 October 2017

Monday 30 October — Wednesday 20 December 2017

Spring term

Tuesday 2 January — Friday 9 February 2018

Half Term Monday 12 February — Friday 16 February 2018

Monday 19 February — Friday 23 March 2018

Please note this is different from Southwark council holidays. The Kindergarten Easter holidays will start one week BEFORE the Southwark council holidays. This is due to Holy Week (w/c 26th March), during which St Faiths community centre will be closed. The Kindergarten Easter holidays will therefore be Monday 26th March – Monday 9th April inc.

Summer term

Tuesday 10 April — Friday 25 May  May Day Bank Holiday Monday 7 May 2018

Half Term Monday 28 May — Friday 1 June 2018

Monday 4 June — Friday 20 July 2018


Job vacancies

For vacancies and internship inquiries please email Bettina Sebek


Herne Hill

Herne Hill opening hours

Herne Hill term dates

Monday—Thurs 8:30am—5:30pm  
Friday 8:30am—3:45pm

Open 46 weeks a year

Autumn term: Tuesday 22 August — Tuesday 19 December

Spring term: Thursday 4 January — Thursday 29 March 2018

Summer term: Monday 16 April — Friday 3 August


Herne Hill applications

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The German Kindergarten is a very popular pre-school. The waiting list operates on a first come, first served basis. However siblings and children in care will have priority. If we offer a place to a child and the place is not accepted, the child can still stay on the waiting list. We can give you an indication of how long your child will have to wait for a place, but no guarantee. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.